About van servicing

Whether your company has one van that is shared by a dozen or more employees, or a fleet of vehicles, regular van servicing can help to keep your vehicles in good running order. Regular maintenance can also mean that your vans can be driven for longer, which of course saves your company money in the long run. A well maintained van also enhances the positive image of a company, especially if your company routinely transports clients in the vehicle. And regular servicing also means that your employees won't be without a van to drive when they need one - a situation that could potentially be extremely inconvenient and costly. A van that has been well maintained is also worth a lot more when it is time to sell it and upgrade to something bigger or more powerful.

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Saving Money

It's no secret that van or car repairs can be extremely costly, especially when most of the money paid is going towards labour costs. Repairing a transmission for example, can easily cost a thousand pounds or more, making the economics of preventative servicing and routine maintenance obvious. Van servicing can help to identify any mechanical issues that if not diagnosed and addressed as soon as possible, can quickly become costly and time consuming repairs. Even neglecting to change your oil regularly can cause potentially serious damage to the engine, and as a result affect the smooth running of your vehicle. Most garages will check your vehicle for you and prepare a report outlining any areas that need addressing immediately, or any areas of concern that may be issues in the future.

Safety Is Important Too

Van servicing can help you to make sure that the key parts of your vehicle are working safely and effectively, including the engine, brakes, lights, exhaust, steering and airbags. Often, it isn't obvious to the driver that there is anything wrong with the vehicle, or that key parts are deteriorating it can take a trained mechanic to notice anything wrong. A problem with any of these parts of your van or car can be potentially dangerous as well as costly, and as an employer it is one of your obligations to keep your fleet of vehicles running safely. Having your van or car serviced regularly can also help to ensure that your vehicle is able to pass its next scheduled MOT test.

Servicing Is Important For Everyone

However, it isn't just companies that can benefit from having their fleet of cars or vans serviced regularly. If you own a car, unless you are mechanically minded, it is highly recommended to have your car serviced regularly. As a general rule, servicing every six months is adequate, although it depends on how much you drive the car, as well as the age and overall condition of the vehicle. Buying a new car can be expensive, and with many drivers trying to get as many years out of their vehicle as possible, regular servicing can make a huge difference.